The Scoop on MLM

Multi-level marketing.

Just hearing this phrase is enough to make people run for the hills. Are you in this boat?  I was at one point!! I didn’t want monthly purchase requirements, I didn’t have enough time or friends (hello, motherhood!) to host parties, and I was a bit skeptical of the entire set up. But, from wraps to those nailpolish stick on things to fake eyelashes, it seemed every one was selling something.

So, why am I where I am now? Simple. Because Young Living is different… which I can say full heartedly because if they weren’t, I promise that I would NOT be writing this blog post right now.

So what makes Young Living different?

Membership is Not Scary

Yes, Young Living is a network marketing organization… but before you close your browser window, hear me out.

What does “network marketing” mean? It means that we are a referral based business. So, instead of Young Living spending money on advertising, they pay the people who share their product directly. And, when you stop and think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense given the nature of the products that we sell.  Essential oils are complex things, so it is absolutely essential (pun intended) to be able to have someone to sponsor you and explain all the ins and outs and ensure that you have all the information you need in order to have success with your oils.

Do you have to sponsor anyone? No.

When I ordered my kit, I was surprised to see absolutely ZERO obligation to sell, host parties, order monthly, or purchase a certain amount to receive their wholesale pricing. Honest. You can purchase your kit, get the discount, and not have to buy a single product ever again (if that’s what you choose). Promise. One kit=discounted pricing. That’s it.


Why do I (as in me, Erika) sponsor people?

In short…Because I tried a product that has transformed the way that I live my life and I have seen it do similar things for so many people. Seriously.

This one kit changed the way that I looked at wellness, cleaning, emotions, beauty… and honestly, Western medicine as a whole!! 

It is my belief that this kit can create happier and healthier homes… hence the subtitle of this site: healthy homes. happy families. holistic living. Naturally, it makes sense for me to share that good news with my friends and family!

Getting a commission to help others achieve their wellness goals? That is just icing on the cake 🙂

Selling not for you? No problem! Selling right now not for you? Also no problem!

If you want to tell others about Young Living or even make it a business, of course you can do so.  But simply enrolling as a Wholesale Member in no way commits you to doing that. The great thing about a YL membership is that you can always decide to share the product at a later date (if you so decide).  Or, if you have just have 1 or 2 people in mind that you think could benefit but you don’t want to take it any further than that… you can do that too! The YL membership is 100% totally flexible and can allow you to achieve whatever goal you have.

Do you have to sign up for autoship? No.

The Essential Rewards autoship program exists for the convenience of members who are ordering oils on a monthly basis.

Is that program great? Yes!  It gets you free stuff at no cost to the member, which is always awesome… but…. it is definitely not required. (Just opt out when you enroll. No questions asked).

Do you have to have parties? No.

Are parties a great way to share oils? Absolutely! Are they required? No.

If you do decide to have one, who teaches it? If you are local, I can. If not, there is a script you can use… but honestly, I just speak from the heart about them.

Do you have to have an inventory? No.

In fact… I have been doing this for years and I don’t have any inventoried oils for sale. Because adulteration is common (across the industry), members order their oils directly from Young Living…. which is better because then you earn the credit (and if you are on Essential Rewards, points back). Furthermore, it doesn’t make a whole bunch of sense for a member to purchase oils from my inventory because it only helps me– which is not my goal at all. My goal is to help the folks I sponsor.

What I Do

Your Wholesale Membership

The Dos: 

You DO get a 24% discount

You DO get a great sponsor (yours truly) & lots of resources

You DO get a super-awesome kit

The Do-Nots:

You DO NOT have to tell anyone about Young Living

You DO NOT have to sell the products or carry an inventory

You DO NOT have to host parties

You DO NOT have to participate in Essential Rewards


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