Merry and Bright Holiday Gifts: Bubble Bath

In this series, we have already covered bath bombs and a bath soak, but I wanted to give you an option for bubble bath as well! You could choose to gift all three and make a set, or you can give them individually. The trio would make an especially great gift for teachers or stressed out mom friends 😉

To make the bubble bath you will need:

1 cup Young Living Bath & Shower Gel Base (trust me. You need this. Do not try and make your own– it doesn’t work)
1/3 cup Glycerin
15-20 drops Joy or essential oil of your choice (get them at my pricing here!)
Olive Oil Bottle

Round Avery Labels (optional)
Bow and Ribbon (optional)


Pour the Bath & Showel Gel base and the vegetable glycerin into the olive oil bottle. Add essential oil to the mixture and gently shake to combine.

Since this is a Christmas gift, I would add a bow to the neck of the bottle and tie a pretty ribbon around it. I also have you covered with adorable bubble bath labels.

Happy Gifting! ❤

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