DIY Recipes for Dogs


Bath Time Recipes

Just like human shampoo, pet shampoo is loaded with chemicals. If you are looking to make your own dog shampoo, here are my recipes for both liquid and dry cleansing.


2 TBSP Castile Soap
1 Cup Water
4 Drops Peppermint (get it here)
5 Drops Lavender (get it here)
5 Drops Cedarwood (get it here)


Shake before use and apply as needed.


Dry Shampoo: 

1 Cup Baking Soda
1 Cup Corn Starch
4 Drops Lavender  (get it here)

Add ingredients to an empty shakeable container (a salt shaker works well) and then sprinkle on to keep your pup smelling so fresh and so clean.

Not wanting to make your own?? 

That’s ok! The Animal Scents line has you covered!


Ear Cleaning

When we moved to the West Coast, my dog had chronic ear infections. I wasn’t using oils then, but oh! how I wish I had found this recipe then!

Clean Ears

4 oz Carrier Oil
1 Cup Water
8 drops Lavender  (get it here)
5 drops Bergamot  (get it here)
5 drops Melrose  (get it here)
6 drops German Chamomile  (get it here)


Mix all of the ingredients in a glass jar and shake well before each use. Apply to a cotton ball and rub the mixture inside the ear flap to loosen the dirt.  Be gentle and be sure not to drop the oils directly into the ear canal.

Freshening Spray

For a quick, freshen up before company arrives… this doggie cologne is a must!

You’ll need:

1 Cup Water
10 drops Lavender  (get it here)
15 drops Purification  (get it here)
6 drops Orange  (get it here)
6 drops Peppermint  (get it here)


Mix all ingredients in a glass bottle and shake. Spritz coat as needed, but don’t spray near the eyes or the face. 🙂


Outdoor Adventures (without bringing home hitch-hikers)

This Day Tripping Spritz will help ensure that your house remains annoyance free and that your dog doesn’t pick up any nuisance hitch-hikers after coming in from the outdoors.


4 drops Purification (get it here)
4 drops Citronella (get it here)
1 drop Cedarwood (get it here)
2 drops Palo Santo (get it here)
1 drop Thyme (get it here)

Add the oils to a 4 oz spray bottle (make sure it’s glass!) and fill the rest of the bottle up with water. Shake before each use and then spritz their coat before heading outside. Again, you will want to avoid the eyes and the face.


I hope you WUFF these recipes! If you want more oily dog tips, make sure to also check out this post where I cover how to use the oils in the Starter Kit for YOUR best friend!


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