Merry and Bright Holiday Gifts: For the Carry Ins

Now that we have some great personal gifts covered, it is time to tackle those carry-ins! Below are 3 wonderful recipes that will have your colleagues, family members, ladies at church, neighbors, and anyone else you share them with wondering how you pull off being so awesome at life (especially at the holidays)! Apple Cider… Continue reading Merry and Bright Holiday Gifts: For the Carry Ins

Holiday Cooking with Essential Oils

In anticipation of all the yummy things cooking up in kitchens this November, I wanted to share some wonderful recipes for holiday cooking with essential oils. Did you know that you can cook with essential oils?  You totally can! I love it because they are just like spices (only that you use less of the oils since they… Continue reading Holiday Cooking with Essential Oils

Butternut Squash Soup (with Cinnamon & Clove)

Soup season is upon us, folks! I personally love soup season because soup is one of the absolute easiest things you can make for dinner. Really. It takes little prep and you literally have to TRY to mess it up. Today, I am sharing a easy recipe for Butternut Squash Soup that is great for fall because it includes Clove… Continue reading Butternut Squash Soup (with Cinnamon & Clove)

Oil Everyday: A Daily Essential Oil Routine

One of the most frequent questions new oilers often have is about how to integrate oils into their daily lives. There is so much information, after all and LOTS of ways to use these wonderful tools, so where do you start? Today I’m going to share a typical day of mine to lend some insight into… Continue reading Oil Everyday: A Daily Essential Oil Routine